The International Movement against- All Forms of Discrimination and Racism Asia Committee


a) National Level Advocacy


  • Training activities for skills development focused on the need to develop tools related compliance of treaty obligations related to promoting ICCPR.
  • Training programmes were conducted to assist civil society actors in Sri Lanka to increase its engagements with the UN Mandate holder on Religious Freedom and other relevant international and national stakeholders. In this regard the action to address issues related to continuing harassments against minority religious communities, and propagating hate speech by extremist groups with impunity.

The activities overall supported the development of interaction with the UN Special Mandate holder on Religious Freedom and strengthening efforts to introduce reforms to strengthen ICCPR Act No 56 of 2007 which should ideally deal with acts of hate-speech and hate crimes including campaigns against violence against minorities in Sri Lanka.



  • Dialogue on the need to promote a cohesive social integration policy and review of SAVIVARA
  • Integration of the Transitional Justice paradigm into the Constitutional Making process
  • New Constitution to uphold the core values of fundamental freedoms and ensure Minority Rights
  • For the effective implementation of the ICCPR ACT No 56 of 2007
  • IMADR AC collaborated with the Family Organization of the Dissappered (FOD) to discuss the socio economic needs and deprivation faced by mothers, wives, and elderly parents of the families of the missing and the dissappered on 27 Oct the day which is commemorated as the day of the dissappeance at Katunayake Ratdolouwa monument. IMADR AC also participated activities with FOD on 10th December annually.

b) International Advocacy

  • Facilitating dialogue with the UN mandate holders in 2015
  • Facilitating Engagement with Treaty Bodies eg CERD in 2016

The Asia Committee was formed to strengthen networking in South Asia and promote core values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and promote compliance.